Why use TYTON?


Configure your dashboard so you only see what you need to see.

Increase Productivity

Increase your productivity by saving time managing your services.

Reduce Mistakes

Limit who can do what to your services. Avoid errors typing commands.

  • Elastic Load Balance - register and de-register instances
  • EC2 instances - view status, reboot and terminate
  • Lightsail instances - view status, start, stop and reboot
  • CloudWatch Alarms - view status, enable and disable alarms
  • Fingerprint authentication

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I try Tyton?

Contact us to get on the beta list.

How much does it cost?

Tyton is free during alpha/beta. Pricing will be announced before final release.

Why doesn't it do X?

Simplicity means only the most popular AWS services are supported. Let us know if there is a feature that you really need.

Tyton is the bomb!

- John Doe, Acme Corp.

Tyton is so easy to use and it just works!

Jane Smith, Widgets Inc.

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